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The WHY of PEAK (Mandatory CPD for Engineers)

Amongst my extensive engineering network, I am seeing solid support for the Mandatory CPD program, PEAK, as it is a matter of building Public Trust in our Profession. Before this mandatory program, I heard comments from the lay people, such as "My fitness instructor has mandatory CPD, but Engineers do not?" Glad these comments will be a thing of the past.

PEO will be sharing metrics of the PEAK program and asking for feedback from stakeholders as part of the Continuous Improvement process now that this program is mandaory and has been operationalized.

A few things Engineers may not be aware of:

  • Council cannot delegate its decision-making authority to the members - the practitioners that PEO regulates. A legal opinion was given to Council on this matter, hence the decision “to hold a members referendum” was rescinded. NOTE: The Engineers in Quebec held member referendums with respect to their fee increased and OIQ, the engineering regulator in Quebec, was put under trusteeship by the Quebec government and fees were quickly increased beyond what the ask of the original recommendation by the OIQ Council.

  • PEO is a member of 2 competence agreements that the International Engineering Alliance has with Engineers Canada, EC in turn manages the mobility register on behalf of all Canadian Engineering Regulators. Many member countries expressed concern that registrants on the mobility register from Ontario did not have a mandatory requirement for CPD which is a requirement to be part of the mobility agreement. PEO was sent a warning letter indicating PEO had to transition to Mandatory CPD by 2025 or risk being excluded from the Engineers Canada mobility register and potentially jeopardize the mobility of all other non-Ontario Engineering practitioners registered even though all other Engineering Regulators in Canada have had mandatory continuing professional development programs implement for years now. PEO is a laggard in this area but should be a leader IMO.

  • Mandatory CPD for professional engineers in Ontario has been called for in 2 government inquiries – the Coroner’s Inquest into the death of Scott Johnson and the Elliot Lake Inquiry where Doris Perizzolo 74 and Lucy Alwin 37 both died. The Attorney General of Ontario who gives PEO the privilege of self-regulation, has met with PEO Leadership several times over the last 5 years and now sent a letter of support for mandatory CPD – see the AG's letter at the bottom of the page through this link to information on PEO’s website.

  • The Action Plan – Unanimously adopted by Council in 2019 states “… that PEO functions as a public interest regulator and not as a professional association.” Because these are the expectations of government now who delegated the regulation of Engineers to Engineers. Both the Engineers Act in BC and Alberta have been rescinded – and engineers are being lumped in with other professions (biologists, foresters, etc.) under one Act in these provinces. I do not want to see this happen to Ontario Engineers so Council is working closely with government who delegates self-regulation of our profession to Engineer which is a privilege not to be taken lightly.

Trust this helps.

Warmly, Marilyn

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